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Andy Burger                           

 Why do we call Jesus the Lamb of God? Why did he have to die? He was not overwhelmed by the power of the Jews and Romans.........Read More




The Life Center of Hernando were thrilled to receive a check from Larry's Vans, Cars & Trucks located at 7043 Broad Street in Brooksville.  Larry and his crew have supported The Life Center since........Read The Full Article

HeadstoneHeadstone Returns "Home"

When Hunter Mello and William Lorentsen stumbled upon a headstone in a vacant lot
near their home, they had no idea what events would follow. Since bones were also
found near the headstone, local police were called to investigate the mystery. ......Read More


Fall Book Reviews by Gary Roen

The clock is ticking in New York as a high-tech criminal element wreaks havoc on the city.  Citizens are on edge ..... To read more and see his book reviews click here!

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