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Trump Girl Interview


Fall Book Reviews by Gary Roen 

The clock is ticking in New York as a high-tech criminal element wreaks havoc on the city.  Citizens are on edge ..... Read More..... 

Winter Book Reviews

                                      Black Friday, Debt To Pay, The Fixer, and Out On Parole are some great books on review here........Read More.....

                           Gary Roen

Help Our Homeless Help Themselves

Donate Your Books!




The Unitarian Universalist Church in the Pines is seeking donations of books for
People Helping People’s effort to aid homeless people to find—and keep—employment.  
Books on cooking, culinary sciences, computer/office use (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc),
sales, and gardening/landscaping are especially appreciated.  
Call 352-600-9555 to schedule your donation.

Hernando Star Past Issues

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Hernando Star Magazine

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Who Do You Trust?

Who Do You Trust     by Andy Burger        I strongly endorse Donald Trump for President of the United States.     I would never endorse Hillary Clinton for president. She doesn’t have the ethics to be in government and as many feel should even be in jail. Did you ever hear that America […]

Tobacco Free Florida

Gulfcoast North Area Health Education Center (GNAHEC) Did You Know?   ·        The half-life of nicotine is only 2 hours. This, along with its rapid clearance from the Central Nervous System (CNS),           results in withdrawal symptoms occurring quickly. Withdrawal symptoms, combined with cravings for tobacco,           […]

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