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Headstone Returns "Home"

When Hunter Mello and William Lorentsen stumbled upon a headstone in a vacant lot
near their home, they had no idea what events would follow. Since bones were also
found near the headstone, local police were called to investigate the mystery. ......Read More

Book Reviews by Gary Roen

Until “Grumbles From The Grave” there was very little known about the author’s personal life.  He seldom gave interviews or did publicity tours.  On his orders waiting until his death, his widow released this collection of his letters that finally reveals many unknown facts about the author ..... To read more and see his book reviews click here!

More On Music

Jack Brickles was born September 30, 1939 in Hamilton, Ohio and began playing music professionally when he was 19 years old, but started much younger playing the guitar and loving music.

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Effective Meetings Provide a Guideline With A Timeline.

Effective meetings always start prior to the actual meeting. They should include an agenda, which needs to go out at least 48 hours beforehand. The agenda provides structure for the meeting, allows modification, and prepares meeting participants.

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